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Digital eye exams in the 21st Century

Is your eye doctor still using 100 year old technology?

Vision needs are changing, and the goal of our eye care practice is to give you the best experience and the best vision possible. Patients all over the country have avoided getting their eyes examined because they feel that their vision is fine, and because they’re a little bit afraid of the different devices used during the eye examination process. There are several patients who have probably wondered whether or not they could fail the test!

The good news is that eye exams of the past are just that – in the past!

We begin our eye examination with a highly precise analysis of your eye care needs, and utilize the latest technology to make the entire process smoother, more efficient, more accurate, less stressful, and ultimately better in order to meet every eye care need that you have.

Zeiss technology has brought the eye exam to this century, and eliminated any room for error by digitizing the entire process.

A lot has changed! Modern day technology has made it possible for the eye exam to be more convenient, more precise, and less stressful. Vision problem such as near and farsightedness, and astigmatism, can be accurately diagnosed with the Zeiss Visuphor 500 systems. The eye doctor has complete control with an i-pad, providing a quicker, more accurate exam. And can instantly show you a comparison between your existing and new prescription. We utilize the latest technology during the pre-testing phase of the eye exam that is painless, fast and precise!

You are unique! And from the beginning of your visit to our eye care practice to the end, you will find that our optometrists and staff take each of our patients vision needs into consideration. Come experience the new way to get an eye exam and personalized eye care at Vision Source Willowbrook.