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Patient Services

Vision Source Willowbrook provides many convenient services and payment options for patients. Here’s a list of some of those services.

Please contact our office for more information about any of the services we provide. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Payment Options – We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, checks and cash. There are also gift certificates for purchase in our store. Ask about financing through Care Credit or follow this link to submit your application today!

Our Optometrists Speak Various Languages – For our patient’s convenience, we offer eye exams in Spanish, Swahili, Urdu, Hindi, Kachi and Gujarati.

Eyeglass Warranty Program – When you buy glasses, you invest in your eyes. Sometimes, that investment can break if you sleep in it, step on it, sit on it, or wrestle in it. For all those times and more, we offer a warranty program that you can purchase at the time of your order, to protect your investment from accidental breakage or damage. Please ask our associates for more details.

One Hour Glasses – We can make many glasses in about an hour for patients who wear single vision lenses. We are also approved by VSP to make single vision glasses in-house. This allows our patients to use their benefits with a VSP provider and still receive great turnaround time on their eyewear.

In-Office Medical Testing – We provide a range of medical tests in-office. Your eye doctor will determine which tests are needed during your thorough and complete eye examination. The testing can be done in a comfortable, familiar environment by capable staff, and reviewed in most cases the same day by your optometrist. We then partner with the top specialists in Houston if follow up care is needed. Some of the diagnostic testing includes Optomap Retinal Imaging, Visual Fields to test central and peripheral vision and more.